Meiko Yokoyama – Japanese Traditional Paper Picture Artist

Meiko Yokoyama is Japanese Painter at Florence, whose works are made by only Japanese traditional papers called “wa-shi”. This unique technique have been developed in Japanese traditional art “chigiri-e” and Meiko Yokoyama is producing her works in the mixture between Japanese traditional technique and occidental fine art method, which she studied in Acccademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze.

Mika Kobayashi Live @ Geek Expo 2014 in Mexico

Geek Expo 2014 presents Mika Kobayashi Live with the special guest Tetsuro Shimaguchi (Samurai Sword Artists Kamui) – October 4th and 5th at Auditorio BlackBerry in Mexico City.

「Geek Expo 2014」(メキシコ・シティ)にて、小林未郁のライブコンサートが開催されます。スペシャル・ゲストとして剱伎衆かむゐの島口哲朗が参加!

Samurai Sword Artists Kamui & Mika Kobayashi @ Lucca Comics and Games 2014

Once more at Lucca Comics and Games! Again this time Samurai Sword Artists Kamui and Mika Kobayashi will be present as the special guests at Lucca Comics and Games 2014.

  • Mika Kobayashi Concert with Samurai Sword Artists Kamui – Saturday 1st November at 21.10-21.40 on Palco Principale
  • Samurai Sword Artists Kamui & Mika Kobayashi Show – Sunday 2nd Novembre at 13.30-14.30 in Japan Town (Theatre San Francesco)


  • 11月1日(土)21:10〜21:40 小林未郁コンサート with special guest 剱伎衆かむゐ@野外メインステージ
  • 11月2日(日)13:30〜14:30 剱伎衆かむゐ&小林未郁ルッカC&G2014公演@Japan Town(サン・フランチェスコ劇場)


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